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The secrets of Yuza Yuzu(citrus junos)

Hello, my name is Jinwon Lee from South Korea. Today I am going to write about our product Sioris Time is Running Out and its magic ingredient! Time is Running Out Mist is an innovative 3-in-1 multi-care formula. This low pH, all-in-one toner, which also works as a mist and serum, gives thirsty skin a refreshing boost of hydration and nourishment. All ingredients are sourced in Korea and harvested in peak season for optimal freshness and effectiveness.  One of main ingredient is ‘Yuza’ (citrus junos).

Yuza (citrus junos)

Yuza is very attractive fruits. it is very sour and sweet like a lemon. People in Korea like to drink Yuza tea in winter time very often, because Yuza contains a lot of vitamin C. It is very good for skin and build up our immune system.

I have a very dry skin. When I use the mist, it is really moisturizing and it had a nice brightening effect too. It also smells like very fresh orange. It has natural scent from Yuza. I highly recommend this product to all skin types. Take care of your skin with an oil mist this is not just a regular mist. It is very fresh and moisturizing mist. To use this mist, you should shake the bottle and spray on the face.

“Time is running out? Now time to use the best mist we have . ”

by Jinwon Lee